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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today we started learning about how readers make mental images using their schema when they read.  We listened to the Visualizing song.

Then, I read aloud the book Bedhead by Margi Palatini. As I was reading, students drew their mental images. After the story was finished, students found a partner and shared their drawings. Then, students adjusted their pictures. To finish the lesson we discussed why all of our pictures were different.... we all have different SCHEMA! 


Mrs. Lutton said...

I just got this book in the mail! I'm going to be using it in class soon. I love your site! I'm striving to get to this point. Being a working mother of three I know it will just take time. I think that working on my blog all summer will make me very organized for next year!

Thanks for all the resources!


Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

Miss Atwell said...

Hi there! Where would I find the song at? Thanks!

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