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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Persuasive Writing

We have started a unit on Persuasive writing. First, we learned the difference between a fact and an opinion. We wrote acrostic poems using either all FACTS or all OPINIONS. 

One of the students' favorite activities was a movement game. I posted a sign that said FACT on one side of the classroom and one that said OPINION on the other end. I then read a Fact and Opinion task card and the students would have to move to the sign that told what the statement was. We then discussed why the students answered the way they did. We also used the task cards to play F & O Scoot!

We have also read some books where the main character is trying to persuade someone.

We will use what we have learned to write some persuasive pieces in writing. 

Persuade Me!
After listening to the story Earrings!  by Judith Viorst, students filled out the following page. I am amazed how well my students are doing with this unit! Then again, think about how seven year olds are masters of persuasion when it comes to trying to get their parents to give them what they want!


M said...

These are wonderful activities! Thank you for sharing them!

Kris... said...

Love the persuasive books! Thanks!

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